WATCH: BoA And Beat Burger Release Collaboration Video For “Music Is Wonderful”

On October 21st, SMTOWN released it’s latest track for SM STATION. The song “Music Is Wonderful” is a special track from the group Beat Burger and features BoA.

BoA is, of course, the original pop princess who has maintained a steady career over the years since her initial debut in 2000. The singer, now known as the Queen of Kpop, is famous for her dance skills and other talents that have made her such a well-rounded entertainer. On the other hand, Beat Burger debuted in 2009, mainly performing at festivals or small clubs, while simultaneously working as producers and performance directors for the hottest SMTOWN artists like Super Junior and EXO.

The electronic dance music group released their first mini-album in 2014 as official SMTOWN artists and recently held their comeback with the fierce, electronic dance track “Vagabond” earlier this year.

“Music is Wonderful” is a softer, pop style, focusing on the behind-the-scenes work in the music industry, showing artists as they dance tirelessly, play their instruments and otherwise develop their talents. The inspiring MV suits the track perfectly as the artists remind listeners that “Music is Wonderful.”

Check out the track below!


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