B.A.P Asks “Who Is X?” In Mysterious Comeback Teaser

 B.A.P Asks “Who Is X?” In Mysterious Comeback Teaser

On October 17th, boy group B.A.P sent fans’ hearts fluttering when they posted a teaser image for their next comeback. The image is black, with what looks like the scope of a gun pointing to something vaguely black and white. The sentence “Who is X?” is stamped across the top of the teaser image, the “X” bright red, as if painted on a target. The bottom of the teaser image reads “Noir,” with the “N” breaking away into millions of small pieces. The name of the album, perhaps?


The teaser image is reminiscent of the group’s previous songs that featured tough, darker concepts. It especially brings to mind their hit 2013 song, “One Shot,” which featured the idol group as a gang that was attempting to save one of their members who had been kidnapped.

No comeback date has been confirmed yet. Are you excited for B.A.P to return with their well-admired, bad-boy image? Share your theories in the comments!

B.A.P recently came back on August 8th with single album Put ‘Em Up, headed by their funky, upbeat title track, “That’s My Jam.”

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