Lee Sung Kyung Sheds Her Model Image For Role In New Weightlifting Drama

 Lee Sung Kyung Sheds Her Model Image For Role In New Weightlifting Drama

The always gorgeous Lee Sung Kyung has shed her model image as part of her new role in the upcoming drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

MBC released the first stills from the set of the drama, in which the beautiful model-turned-actress was seen looking completely different than her normal self. Sporting a short hairstyle and baggy clothes, the model has fully committed herself to this character by even gaining weight for the role and learning weightlifting.

The production company made a statement saying that the actress has dedicated herself to the role, bringing the character to life by 200%. They also made the comment that she has so fully become the character that they can’t even remember her past roles as haughty, spoiled young women. This comment was in reference to the fact that Ms. Lee is more well-known for the supporting roles she played in dramas like “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and “Doctor Crush,” where her characters were young, beautiful, and bratty.

Since “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” is her first lead role, it seems that the actress is dedicated to doing her very best as an actress and breaking away from the image she has been typecast as in the past.

The drama was inspired by the true life story of Olympic gold-medalist Jang Mi Ran. The program costars Nam Joo Hyuk, thus reuniting the two stars who previously acted together in “Cheese in the Trap.”

Check out the stills below! Are you excited for this new drama?

lee-sung-kyung-11 weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo


Media: MBC

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