Song Joong Ki Spotted In His Uniform During Reserves Training

 Song Joong Ki Spotted In His Uniform During Reserves Training

Fans of “Descendants of the Sun” will be extremely happy to see Song Joon Ki back in uniform once more, this time wearing his own uniform as part of his annual Army Reserves training.

On October 12th, a picture was uploaded online of the handsome actor as he was spotted waiting in life during the training process.

The netizen commented and explained, “…My name is Yoo Si Jin and I’m a reservist with Song Joong Ki hyung. I’m sorry for taking the photo without permission.”

It looks like even his fellow soldiers were impressed to see him!

For those who don’t know, after any male successfully completes their military service in Korea, they are still considered an Army Reservist for the next eight years and can be called to mobilize at any time. During the first four years, they can be mobilized to help with regular military missions or operations. For the next four years after that, they can be mobilized to assist with homeland defense operations. Due to being on “standby” for these eight years, they are required to report for an annual reservists training to keep their skills sharp and fresh in their minds in case they should suddenly be mobilized to an active duty position. This program was created so that South Korea could constantly be on guard against attacks and able to mobilize quickly for self-defense.

Isn’t it nice seeing Song Joong Ki back in uniform? It’s even better seeing him being patriotic and fulfilling his duty faithfully during his training!

Media: Nate

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