B.A.P Love: Bang Yong Guk Sends Zelo A Heartfelt Message For His Birthday

 B.A.P Love: Bang Yong Guk Sends Zelo A Heartfelt Message For His Birthday

B.A.P‘s leader Bang Yong Guk showed the special friendship that he and band member Zelo share by sending him a sweet, heartfelt message for his birthday.

At exactly midnight, when it officially became Zelo’s birthday, the leader sent a private message to Zelo. It seems Zelo was so touched that he took a screenshot of the sincere message and posted it to twitter for fans to see.

Soompi translated the note for fans, “Happy Birthday Junhong (Zelo’s birth name). This hyung likes seeing you contemplating and struggling. In order to become a better artist, you must take positive words positively and even negative words positively and move on. I hope you become an artist that inclines your ear to words that challenge you rather than to [compliments]. I need to be a better role model, and I’m always sorry that I haven’t been. But to this hyung, you are the best. Let’s become even better adults. Fighting!”

It seems like Zelo might have been struggling a bit lately and this was the leader’s way of reaching out to encourage him. Seemingly touched, Zelo simply responded with an emoji full of love and the words, “Thank you, hyung.”

Before debuting with B.A.P, the leader and maknae actually debuted in a sub-unit first entitled Bang&Zelo. They released a song by the name of “Never Give Up” in December 2011. They have had a long and special relationship from the very beginning.

It’s great to see these two members be so close, despite a big age difference. We wish B.A.P’s adorable maknae the happiest birthday yet and blessings for a healthy and successful year!

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