Best Of The Best: The Top 10 Shinhwa Music Videos

 Best Of The Best: The Top 10 Shinhwa Music Videos

Today, we will be looking at the sexy legends of Kpop known as Shinhwa! As you know, many young Kpop artists look up to these men and aspire to be like them. They are the true legends and kings that have stayed together the longest, built their own company and became successful men each and every one. To celebrate this amazing group, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 Shinhwa music videos of all time.

Shinhwa Changjo, are you ready?  Here we go!  Let’s count down to the number one video on the list.


10-  “Sniper”
The Shinhwa members may be getting close to their 40’s, but with this video they showed that no matter what year it is, they still look amazing and sexy!

9- “Venus”
Jun Jin and Minwoo helped make this dance perfect and let me tell you, there was plenty of touching within this dance! I really wanted to be one of the girl dancers in the mask. Venus was one of those songs that showed Shinhwa Changjo that Shinhwa is still here and they’ve still got it. Andy got injured unfortunately. Despite getting hurt however, he still came out there and killed this dance.

8- “Perfect Man”
Coming in at number eight on the list is “Perfect Man.” I can’t fully explain to you just how popular this song became and how many times it has been covered by other Kpop boy bands. Recently, the song was covered on Boys24 and Minwoo and Hyesung were there watching. It seems like it is hard to imitate the guys’ swift and clean dance moves because nobody does it quite like them. “Perfect Man” is still a hit and showed how the members had blossomed into men.

7- “Wild Eyes”
The song “Wild Eyes” was covered by Afterschool, Teen Top and Infinite. It has an amazing dance that incorporates chairs and a whole lot of sexiness. The song went on to win multiple awards and is still one of my own favorite songs to cover.

6- “Hero”
This is the song that keeps the youth from giving up! The song (only available on one of the SMTOWN albums) was an absolute hit.With the lyrics, Shinhwa challenged themselves to be every ShinChang’s hero. The song showed that no matter how many times life knocks you down, you have to get right back up and keep moving.

5- “Hey, Come On!”
“Hey, Come On” was a huge hit in the early 2000’s when the group was still with SM Entertainment. Shinhwa decided to change their style a bit and went from a baggy look to a sporty look. The result proved to be a real turning point in their style.

4- “Wedding”
This was the year Shinhwa left SM after their contracts expired and when their true battle began. This music video specifically shows a more manly and mature side than they had previously displayed at SM. Andy and Jun Jin had improved their English skills by this time and as a group, Shinhwa came in sweeping every woman off her feet.

3- “Eusha Eusha”
The story behind this MV is that their van broke down on the way to film the music video. As a result, they just figured why not shoot it at the beach? This was Shinhwa’s first ever music video, released in 1998. Their debut and music careers began at that very moment and changed their lives forever. This video is still so adorable and catchy. Shinhwa truly has not changed one bit! They are still these adorable dorks we know and love.

2- “T.O.P (Twinkling on Paradise)
Even until this day, “T.O.P” is still one of the songs that many Kpop groups, fans, and people in the industry love the most. This is one of Shinhwa’s most covered songs. Shinhwa Changjo’s can tell you that this song is a song they will remember forever! Even after all these years, the group still performs this song at concerts. Check it out in the bonus video of Shinhwa singing “T.O.P” during Kcon 2015.

1- “This Love”
At the number one spot, we have one of the most popular Shinhwa songs in Kpop. I loved this video as soon as I saw it! The main reason being that it had such a a fashionable, stylish look. They did a special collaboration with a fashion line and the result was just so different than anything they had shown before. With this song, released in commemoration of their 15th anniversary, Shinhwa shows that they are truly forever and that “this love” will stay.

Shinhwa has been in the industry since 1998 until now, and they are still one of the longest reigning groups in Kpop. Even after a long hiatus, their loyal fans waited. They never fail to show that no matter the era or the generation, they can still give it their all onstage. Andy has become a successful CEO of TOP Media and passed on his knowledge to groups like Teen Top and 100%. Minwoo and Hyesung have become successful solo singers and were mentors/judges for Boys24, helping them become better idols and judging from their many years of experiences. Eric, Jun Jin and Dongwan have become actors and very successful as well. Not only that, but all six members of the group own Shinhwa Company under their band name.
As a huge fan of the group, I can’t wait to see what these dorks will come out with next! My biggest dream is for them to get married and have kids. However, Minwoo stated that Shinhwa will all get married at the same time. Funny, huh? These dorks are in it together, even when planning their weddings.

Are you a fan of the group? Do you agree with this list? Let us know what other Shinhwa songs and music videos you love!



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