BEAST Reportedly Not Renewing Contract With Cube Entertainment

 BEAST Reportedly Not Renewing Contract With Cube Entertainment

Boy group BEAST will most likely not be renewing their contract with Cube Entertainment, which is due to end mid-October. With a week left before the contract officially expires, there has been no news on the members extending their contract, either as a group or solo artists.

Former member Hyunseung has also not renewed his solo contract.

Some fans have been hoping that BEAST will follow in Shinhwa’s footsteps and market themselves in their own agency. However, a lot of fans think that the group will be discontinuing to go their separate ways. There have also been suspicions among fans that members Kikwang and Dujun might not want to continue as idols but pursue acting instead. Although it appears that Yoseob, Junhyung and Dongwoon still want to continue music (especially Yoseob, BEAST’s main vocalist), we have not yet heard any official statements.

BEAST debuted in 2009 with “Bad Girl.” Since then, member Hyunseung left the group, followed by their most recent comeback, “Ribbon,” which you can watch below.

How do you feel about BEAST discontinuing as a group? Do you think members who want to become solo artists should go for it?

Source: StarNews
Media: Cube Entertainment

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