WTK Review: Etude House “Look At My Eyes Cafe” Eye Shadows

 WTK Review: Etude House “Look At My Eyes Cafe” Eye Shadows

We all love beauty products from Korea and the Look At My Eyes Cafe line from Etude House is no exception!

These amazing eye shadow singles from the popular Korean beauty label are (so far) my favorite matte eye shadows. What makes this product even better? It’s super affordable! These matte shadows are perfect for laying and adding a touch of color to dull and tired eyes. In addition, they come in over 15 colors! Their packaging is also super adorable. They come in small, clear snap containers, with the eye shadow itself stamped with a quilted, heart pattern.

ETUDE HOUSE: Look At My Eyes

I currently have shades BR407 (Beach Coconut) and PK005 (Strawberry Macaroon ). As part of my daily makeup, I like to add a light wash of the brown eye shadow to my eyes. This helps put a little little color back into my skin since Korean BB creams tend to wash out all color. Since my skin tone is in the lighter range, I can double up on this eye shadow as a matte bronzer to contour my nose and cheekbones. However,  you have to be very careful as the eye shadow is extremely pigmented! For the pink eye shadow, whenever I’m feeling tired and I have some extra time, I like to draw it on my lower lash line to provide a pop of color to the eyes. You can also let this eye shadow do double duty by using it as a blush, but again, be careful as it is super pigmented.

ETUDE HOUSE: Beach Coconut and Strawberry Macaroon

Another thing is, I have oily lids and I tend to rub my eyes a lot, so often when I don’t use a primer, it will fade a little throughout the day. Otherwise though, it generally has a very good staying power. The moral of the story? Don’t rub your eyes and try to use primer when you can. If you do, this is an eye shadow line that you will be sure to enjoy on a daily basis.

All in all, I enjoy this product and I would love to order a few new colors in the near future to add to my collection!

What about you? Have you tried these adorable eye shadows before? If so, which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

In the meantime, check out the following sites to find the various shades from the Look At My Eyes Cafe eye shadow line from Etude House.

Click here to view the entire eye shadow line at the Official Etude House Website. Otherwise, click here to view the collection at Cosmetic Love, an online Korean beauty shop.

Shara is a writer and SNS manager for What The Kpop. She has been a fan of K-pop for eight years and loves groups like B.A.P, VIXX, MONSTA X, BTS and more! When she’s not trying out various Korean beauty products and trying new foods, she is studying for school or busy teaching taekwondo. Stay tuned for more of her reviews!

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