WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Halts Activities Indefinitely Due To Mental Health Issues

 WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Halts Activities Indefinitely Due To Mental Health Issues

YG Entertainment has announced the indefinite withdrawal of Nam Tae Hyun from the group WINNER due to mental health problems.

It is a well-known fact to the label that Nam Tae Hyun has suffered from mental health issues from the time he was a trainee. His health status has reportedly worsened over time, causing YG to meet with him and his mother several months ago to determine if he could continue working. As the past few months have been especially difficult, it was decided that he would take a hiatus from the group and all related work activities.

Since then, he has moved back home with his mother and is receiving treatment. Although WINNER was preparing for a comeback and the release of a new single, the group decided to postpone their activities until Nam Tae Hyun is able to return.

The label stated, “The reason we were not able to share this news earlier was that health issues are difficult to predict. If Nam Tae Hyun had recovered quickly, we were going to let WINNER continue on with their activities. However, we are sad to say that this is not the case.”

As the primary focus is on the health of all the members, it was necessary to intervene and make this important decision regarding both Nam Tae Hyun and WINNER. Although it’s a disappointment to fans, they realize that the members’ health is the top priority.

“At the moment, it is hard to say when WINNER will be able to come back,” continued the official statement, “but YG will do everything in its power to help WINNER overcome this crisis.”

We sincerely hope that Nam Tae Hyun improves quickly and is able to overcome these issues with proper treatment and care. What The Kpop expresses our support for the artist and sends our best wishes and prayers his way.

Media: YG Entertainment

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