BTS’s Producer For “Cypher Pt. 4” Apologizes For Duplicate Song Instrumental

 BTS’s Producer For “Cypher Pt. 4” Apologizes For Duplicate Song Instrumental

Since the release of BTS‘s new album, “Wings,” there has been confusion and unrest among fans who noticed that the instrumental track for “Cypher Pt. 4” matched exactly the one used for a 2015 song called “Strangers” by a band from the Netherlands, SFB.

On October 12, song producer Tricky Stuart apologized to the group through twitter, explaining the situation in detail:

Due to lack of communication, Tricky Stuart was not aware that the instrumental track had already been used when he helped produce “Cypher Pt. 4.” Soon after, BigHit Entertainment followed up with a statement of their own:

“Tricky Stewart and his management have admitted to and taken full responsibility for their mistake. They have also promised to deal with the situation as soon as possible to minimize damage or loss to BTS.”

They went on to say that BTS were not at fault; they were the victims. Therefore, they had requested that Tricky Stewart apologize to BTS and ARMYs* all over the world.

What do you make of the whole situation?

You can listen to the two songs here:

*BTS fans

Source: Naver

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