BTS WINGS: Rap Monster And Jungkook Inspired Fashion For Women

 BTS WINGS: Rap Monster And Jungkook Inspired Fashion For Women
While the Kpop world is busy obsessing over BTS’ new album “Wings,” we are obsessing over the flawless looks that the members displayed in their teaser images and in the music video itself.


For this fashion edition, we are looking at Jungkook and Rap Monster for our style inspiration and adapting their looks into something we can all wear!


First off, we have Jungkook! Our talented maknae wore a sapphire blue velvet blazer with matching pants. He set it off with a black and white shirt featuring a stars and planet motif. He accented it with a red feather in his pocket. Overall, it was simple and crisp, yet totally stylish. The deep jewel tones of this outfit make it really unique and luxurious looking and set off his coloring perfectly.


To make your own outfit, use this fantastic, blue velvet tuxedo jacket as the focal point. Instead of overwhelming people with too much blue, pair it with a pair of wide-legged, black trousers instead. Although this Yves Saint Laurent shirt with planets and stars might be a little out of your price range, these gorgeous red booties are only $58! Try these booties and the red feather earrings to add a pop of color, while giving a nod to the red feather in Jungkook’s pocket. No “Wings” outfit could be complete without a nod to the album of course, so try something similar to this beautiful Alexander McQueen purse with gold wings as the clasp.


This look is chic, modern, classy and versatile…. in other words, it’s perfectly suited to Jungkook’s style.


BTS WINGS: Jungkook Inspired Look

Next up, we have Rap Monster! In his teaser photos, we saw the talented artist also sporting a luxe velvet blazer. Rap Monster changes up the look a bit by wearing the coat in a deep burgundy color and making it a little more casual by pairing it with a pair of cuffed jeans that feature vintage-looking, flower appliques. He also wore a classic white shirt and a skinny, flowered scarf.

To adapt this look for yourself, let the jeans take center stage with their exaggeratedly wide cuff. Pair it with a burgundy or deep red blazer that is tailored and sets off the wide legs of the pants. Fashion tip? You can often find velvet blazers at thrift stores like Goodwill. Because velvet is such a durable material, it’s easy to find vintage blazers in great conditions and for even better prices! Use a white shirt similar to the one seen here. The bell sleeves will poke out from your blazer and give you that layered, modish look that Rap Monster sported himself.

In a nod to the flower design on his jeans and his flower scarf, try accessorizing the look with this skinny, flower tie from Betsey Johnson. You can also keep up the flower motif with these gorgeous, flower embellished sandals. To finish things off and once more acknowledge “Wings” as your inspiration, add this beautiful pair of drop earrings with a wing design in antique silver.

BTS WINGS: Rap Monster Inspired Look


When taking inspiration from your favorite stars, remember that it’s only that- inspiration! You don’t have to copy their outfit exactly but can adapt the outfit to your own tastes and wardrobe. For example, if you don’t have a star and planet blouse, just use a plain black shirt and add cheap, star pins and broaches to your blazer. You can still have a touch of the stars in your outfit without having to find a shirt similar to the one Jungkook is wearing.


Don’t forget that fashion is a way to express yourself and varies from person to person. The most important thing is to have fun, be comfortable and be confident in the style choices you make!


Do you like these BTS inspired looks? What other “Wings” looks would you like to incorporate into your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below!


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