Actor Kim Soo Hyun To Attempt To Become A Professional Bowler

It was revealed today that famous actor Kim Soo Hyun is trying out to be a professional bowler!

According to a source from the Korean Professional Bowling Association, the actor submitted an application to participate in the selection process for this year’s group of professional bowlers. The process is a difficult one. After being accepting to participate, you must go through two rounds of matches. Once completing the two different rounds of matches, some of the bowlers are invited to participate in a special training. After the training, the final participants are chosen as this year’s class of professional bowlers.

It’s a well-known fact that the handsome actor is a big fan of the sport, but many didn’t realize until today just how skilled he is if he can attempt to participate on a professional level. He told fans back in 2014 that he spends most of his free time bowling! In addition to bowling though, he is also a huge fan of cycling and badminton. He has been spotted numerous times enjoying these sports out in public, even playing badminton with the elderly men from his neighborhood.

The first round of matches to determine the professional bowlers will begin on October 22nd, with the new class of bowlers being chosen towards the end of November.

Do you think Kim Soo Hyun will be able to pass the rounds and officially become a professional bowler? Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, check out a few pictures of the actor when he was spotted out in public bowling.

What The Kpop wishes Kim Soo Hyun the best of luck as he pursues another aspect of his exciting career!

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