Sechs Kies Revealed To Be YG’s Next Comeback Artist

 Sechs Kies Revealed To Be YG’s Next Comeback Artist

After asking fans “Who’s Next?” in a cryptic teaser image, YG Entertainment has revealed that the group who will be making their comeback is none other than first generation idol group Sechs Kies!

The group recently reunited after 16 years, holding a comeback, solo concert. During their concert, they hinted about an upcoming release since their last album in 2000. The group recently signed with YG Entertainment and was known to be preparing for a comeback after all these years on hiatus.

After revealing that Sechs Kies was the next YG artist to make their comeback, an additional image was also released, revealing the single will be entitled “Three Words.” The song was composed by Tablo and Future Bounce, with lyrics by Tablo.

The song is set to drop on October 7th at 12am KST.

Are you excited to see this classic Kpop group make their comeback?




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