SBS Releases Hilarious Blooper Reel For “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”

 SBS Releases Hilarious Blooper Reel For “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”

SBS released a blooper reel from their hit drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” both pleasing and entertaining fans with the funny look behind the scenes.

The various cast members were shown throughout the video, forgetting lines, messing up, laughing and essentially just committing bloopers. The video also shows various, adorable moments between cast members such as the friendship between Kang Ha Neul and Hong Jong Hyun.

One of the funniest ones bloopers is the one that starts off the video. During a particularly emotional scene, IU suddenly forgets her line. Without breaking character or missing a beat, Lee Joon Gi states “Hae Soo…. I have no idea what you are saying.” The entire crew burst into laughter, along with IU, showing that the cast and crew have really enjoyed working together on this drama.

Check it out below! What is your favorite moment from the blooper reel?


Media: SBS

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  • This chemistry!!!!! 😍😍😍 the leads are adorable on screen and off. Entire cast is so dang adorable!…. Love this show

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