Jung Joon Young Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges After Police Investigation

Recently, the news broke that the ex-girlfriend of singer and rocker Jung Joon Young had filed charges against hi for sexual assault. At the time, she said he had filmed her without permission while they were having intercourse. After an in-depth investigation, the police have not found any evidence to suggest that these charges are true and therefore acquitted Mr. Jung of all charges laid against him.

After originally filing the charges, the ex-girlfriend almost immediately revoked the charges. When the court decided to pursue it anyways, she issued several petitions to the court to reverse the charges.

According to Mr. Jung, he and his girlfriend were having trouble at the time due to his schedule and he believes she originally sought to hurt his reputation by claiming he had filmed her unaware. However, he maintained that the filming was with permission and part of something they were doing together.

As with any hint of scandal in Korea, Jung Joon Young was asked to step down voluntarily from his various positions and TV shows. Some shows said they would reconsider once the verdict was out, so now we must wait to see what will happen since he has ben acquitted.

Stay tuned for more details!

Media: CJ E&M


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  1. So tired of these ridiculous girls sexual assault charges as a means of revenge or to get money. 😑 glad the truth came out!!


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