Doni Is Back On Weekly Idol… And It’s a Little Awkward!

 Doni Is Back On Weekly Idol… And It’s a Little Awkward!

After a long hiatus for personal health issues, Doni has finally rejoined the cast of the mega-popular show “Weekly Idol!”

With his usual sense of self-deprecating humor, he enters the room with a very awkward feel, making a big deal about forgetting what to do during the entrance. He greeted viewers by saying “It’s been a long time! But I’m finally back to where I need to be.” Never one to ignore the elephant in the room, he then states “But I feel very awkward and nervous!” You can tell he was genuinely feeling awkward as his conversation was very stilted at first and his face was red with embarrassment.

When the guests came out, they were also feeling awkward and unsure of what to say. Despite the fact that the A-PINK members all know Doni very well and have a good relationship with him, they definitely found the situation awkward as well. One of the members stated, “I’m very afraid to say anything in case you decide to leave again.” This candid statement of Chorung made both MC’s laugh and lightened the mood a bit.

Although things were awkward to begin with, it was obvious that Coni and the rest of the crew were very happy to have Doni back with them once more.

We at What The Kpop are also happy to see Doni feeling so much better and able to return to his position at Weekly Idol. We look forward to seeing more of him in the future and wish him the best of luck and continued health!

Check out his awkwardly funny entrance to the set below.



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  • Glad he is healthy and able to work again. I will really heechulthough TT

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