Watch GOT7 Attempt An Aegyo Version Of “Hard Carry” On ASC

GOT7 shows their adorable side as they attempt to do an aegyo version of their new song “Hard Carry.”

The popular group made an appearance on the popular English-language show “After School Club.” While talking with fans via webcam, they were asked to do an aegyo version of their new song.

Jackson starts things off and immediately succeeds at cuteness. However, he veers off into sexy territory and tries spicing things up by showing some skin (as Jackson is often inclined to do). BamBam then takes the microphone, but before he can barely get started, he is shut down by the MC’s who aren’t pleased with his aegyo attempt. Embarrassed at his failure, he says sadly, “You know… life is hard to live, okay?”

Leader JB then shyly makes his attempt at aegyo before BamBam cuts him off. Jackson jumps in and defends JB’s cute singing and encourages him to continue. Next up, Jinyoung slays his members and the MC’s with his perfect, aegyo-charged version. Everyone agrees that he is adorable!

To finish things off, Yugyeom tries to succeed at a cute version of the song. He is cut off by the MC however and his members burst into laughter at his awkward attempt.

Don’t you love the GOT7 members and their interaction with the ASC hosts? Check out the funny video below!

Media: Arirang


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