INFINITE Releases Haunting MV Teaser For “The Eye”

 INFINITE Releases Haunting MV Teaser For “The Eye”

INFINITE has released another teaser for their approaching comeback. This time, the group showcased a teaser for their MV “The Eye.”

The teaser showcases each member with mature looks and a mysterious aura. They show a glimpse of what promises to be yet another amazing choreography from the group. They are dressed in all black, dancing in front of an abandoned building.

The other teasers that have been released also showcase a more mature look than the members usually display. They have hinted at a giant mystery which the boys are investigating. INFINITE concepts are always amazing, so fans have enjoyed watching the multiple teasers and speculating what all they could mean.

In the meantime, the title track “The Eye” (Korean title: 태풍 or Typhoon) is set to be released on September 19th at midnight KST.

Are you excited for their comeback? What do you think of the MV teaser?

Media: Woolim Entertainment

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