Bangtan Boys In Europe: BTS Bon Voyage Recap And Pictures

 Bangtan Boys In Europe: BTS Bon Voyage Recap And Pictures

It’s been a long eight weeks, starting from July 5th until Aug 22nd, to get to the end of the Bangtan Boys and their trip to Europe! Check out our recap now.

Through the V-Live app, BTS began a special, third anniversary event which started in June and introduced to us to many specials segments such as Happy BTS Day, BTS BON VOYAGE, BTS Behind the Cam and BTS Memory Film.

This means a total of 18 broadcasts, along with V-Live updates, were already shared even before BON VOYAGE began!

BTS’ 3rd Anniversary trip took place in Northern Europe with a ten day trip through three different counties. The trip began in Bergen, Norway, followed by Stockholm, Sweden and, lastly, Finland. The beautiful trip backpacking through Europe truly left the boys stunned.

The trip was such a wonderful adventure, but who could’ve imagined that they would encounter so many obstacles along the way? Lost bags, lost iPads, lost phones, and even lost passports were some of the problems the members encountered on their travels.

To celebrate the end of this special series, let’s take a look at each episode with a short summary and/or preview.


Episode one starts at their dorm where chaos, of course, ensues. It’s a battlefield while packing for the trip! To make matters worse, the members can only can bring one suitcase and a carry-on. Suga is calm throughout the preparations, sensibly packing enough socks for the 10-day trip, while Jungkook asks constant questions. As time trickles away, they all go into panic mode! J-Hope is worried about his image and Jimin keeps pondering what to take. It’s only been 3 minutes into the episode, yet the dorm is in utter mayhem. Meanwhile, V watches from afar, upset that his schedule won’t allow him to join the members until later on (leaving him on his own in the meantime).

BTS arrives at the airport with another task that leads to confusion. They have to check in by themselves, which they don’t usually do. It starts with confusion, but Rapmonster and Jimin finish their objective first and begin to help the other members out. They board the plane in a good mood, but there is already trouble the moment they arrive at their destination. It’s only 19 minutes into the program, but Jimin has already lost his bag! However, the episode ends on a happy note as they have a small, but cozy, party in their first hostel.


Day two in Bergen begins with a messy haired Jungkook and a hooded Jimin eating breakfast. We find out that it’s Norwegian Constitution Day, so the members head out early to watch a celebratory Parade. We find V is finally on his way to the airport to join the other members. He calls his dad to inform his parents about his trip, and we get to see a quirky conversation between father and son. He ends up touring Bergen alone (mostly eating!) before heading to meet the other members. After the parade, Rapmon, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook (excluding Suga) are seen splitting up into two teams to tour the area. It’s the hiking team vs the cable-car team, but they soon find themselves at the same place and decide to head back together. Our second incident begins here, where Rapmon realizes he left his bag behind. Since he doesn’t have the money to go back up on the cable car to retrieve his bag, they force him to rap for it. However, we find out that it was just a cute joke the PD has played on him. Unfortunately, the stream of lost items doesn’t end here though


As day three begins, we find BTS packing so they can head to the docks to begin their tour of Norway. When they arrive at a small village called Flam, they are extremely excited to go eat (all the time, acting cute as always!). The members decide to go play, splitting up again as V rides a bike, others climb a mountain and some members just roam around the area. Another bag is lost and a hidden camera is plotted. Will everything go well?


On day four, BTS  heads out to begin their time in Sweden. The staff asks if anyone left anything, but everyone confidently responds that they did not. However, they turn to Suga and ask if forgot his iPad. He denies that he did, but when he looks in his bag, it’s missing! Suga then asks if the PD has it and even searches his bag when he doesn’t believe the PD. However, he is unable to find it. Jungkook smirks mischievously before pulling the iPad out of own his bag. How often are we going to see them lose things until BTS learns their lesson? I predict we will keep seeing this until the end of the trip! Something else also happens in episode four that really shakes the trip up and affects it in a major way.


Now in Stockholm, the members appear in front of their lodging (excluding Rap Monster who has to head off alone due to a problem with his passport). They are seen waiting for the forever-late Jimin. Before taking the bus to Gamla Stan, Jungkook and V play like children, making derp faces while Jin takes pictures of the two. The six  members split up and head in different directions. Suga, V and Jungkook go to take pictures of the scenery, while Jin, J-Hope and Jimin revisit the areas where they had previously filmed for NOW 2. J-Hope comes up with the term “I’m on business,” to help keep the constant stream of fans away. Later in the episode, we once more glimpse BTS the idols as they dance to “Fire” and “Save Me” while having their own party on a cruise.


BTS heads out for their first camping car experience! As Rap Monster heads back to South Korea, the other members decide to go to the Santa Claus Village in Finland. During the trip, they pass time by playing card games and reading mangas and webtoons. Ultimately, they end up falling asleep from the long journey. Upon arrival, they grab some food and then go to buy groceries, playing Kai-Bai-Bo to see who has to carry all the grocery bags. Somehow, Jungkook loses the game, but Jimin decides to help him out anyways. They spend their night having a barbecue party. The next morning, the members think of an idea for the always-late Jimin that ends with him chasing the camping car!


The trip is slowly coming to a end, but the boys first head downtown to do some shopping. Afterwards, they decide to go eat at a delicious buffet (throughout Bon Voyage, you will be hungry seeing the many yummy things they eat!). There are a lot of fun moments during this episode but one of our favorites is when they head out to a sauna. They decide to play different games, with a rule of ‘whoever loses has to jump in the lake and then in the sauna.’ Jimin and V are the first to lose, but Suga is the cutest when it becomes his turn.  The episode comes to a sweet end when the BTS members get letters from staff members and others who helped them progress as idols. Among them is a letter from Bang PD-Nim and their manager.

EPISODE EIGHT (Final Episode)

Today is the last day of their trip (*cries*), but the morning dawned as bright as always. Jungkook is playing around with Jimin and singing because of his happy mood. Meanwhile, V begins rapping about bananas as they clean the camping car. They head to their last stop, Santa Park.  It’s not long before BTS’ endless energy hits and they begin playing happily and loudly. After all, it seems like that’s the only way BTS knows how to play! Jungkook and Suga watch from the sidelines as the other play on the stage. When asked why they didn’t go onstage with the others, Suga commented that he thinks he already lost his child-like innocence. They tour Santa’s office like giddy children and made me excited just watching them. They did a lot of different activities, even sharing their own experiences of when they knew “Santa was Dad.” The tour wraps up with solo interviews from the members and a look back on the trip.

We were so sad to see the series come to an end but were so happy the members had such a great, refreshing trip with each other. We hope that A.R.M.Y will continue to support BTS in their upcoming promotions and will look forward to even more, fun V-Live broadcasts. 

What was your favorite part of BTS Bon Voyage? Where would you like to see the boys travel to next? Let us know in the comment section below!

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