Super Junior’s Kangin’s Court Issues End With 7 Million Won Fine For DUI Accident

 Super Junior’s Kangin’s Court Issues End With 7 Million Won Fine For DUI Accident

Earlier today, Super Junior‘s Kangin arrived at the court to receive the sentence for his recent DUI.

Although some people expected a stronger verdict based on the fact that the courts have decided to crack down on celebrities’ illegal behaviors, the Hallyu star won’t have to face jail time or more serious charges after all. He will, however, have to pay the large amount of 7,000,000 Korean won as a fine. This is in addition to another hefty fine he has already paid.

Exiting a convenience store where he bought alcohol, the singer (who was already under the influence) crashed his car into a light pole as he tried to drive off. Disoriented and confused, he left the scene. A short while later (after sobering up some) he realized what he had done and went to the police station to turn himself in.

As a result the court stated, “The accused has admitted to all the charges that were laid against him and realizes that leaving the scene of the crime is basis for a severe punishment and criminal record for the accused. However, there was no harm done to any individuals and only caused damage to some public property. Adding to that is the fact that the accused has been extremely cooperative from the beginning and shown true remorse and deep reflection concerning his actions. Therefore, the prosecutor proposed the penalty of a fine and we have agreed that it should be considered sufficient.”

It seems like the nightmare is finally over for Kangin as far as the court situation, but we will have to wait and see how deeply this affects his career. What are your thoughts on the situation?


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