Red Velvet Causes Trouble In New MV For “Russian Roulette”

 Red Velvet Causes Trouble In New MV For “Russian Roulette”

On September 7th, popular SMTOWN girl group Red Velvet released their third mini-album “Russian Roulette.” The music video for the title track was also released at the same time.

The track features a heavy electropop sound with bright influences reminiscent of SMTOWN’s other recent releases for SHINee (“Odd”) and Luna (“Free Somebody”). With these releases, SM has shown that they are experimenting with a sound not normally found in Kpop. The mixture is truly genre-less, with influences from R&B, house, synthopop and funk.

The same can definitely be said of Red Velvet’s newest title track, with the bright, funky sound unlike any of their previous releases and a far cry from their last comeback with focused on smoother, more ballad-like vocals.

The MV for “Russian Roulette” is also something new for the girl group. While the song features typically bright, bubblegum pop looking costumes and colors, with a deeper look, you will find that there is a darker mischief afoot. Stone-faced and void of emotion, the members are spotted wreaking havoc and leading each member to their doom, one at a time.

The visual concept for the girls is also very different than anything they have tried in the past before, which each member sporting new hair colors and styles.

The mini-album has six other tracks which feature a bright, electropop sound. Are you excited Red Velvet finally made their comeback? What do you think of their newest MV? Let us know in the comment section below!



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