Eric Nam Shines On The Cover Of “The Celebrity” Magazine!

Make way for Eric Nam! He’s in the spotlight once more with a new photo shoot for “The Celebrity” magazine!

In this particular photo shoot, Eric shines with his funky-patterned attire and (interestingly enough) his furrowed eyebrows. The expressive nature of his clothes really compliments his fun personality as well.

Eric’s dazed look in a few of the photographs conveys some of the classic poses done in magazine shoots.  The poses really bring out his sharp, model-worthy bone structure and good looks. The tiny details of the swirls in his hair are a little wild, but he brings about the right amount of maturity for this magazine. It’s too bad we could not see any of his smiles in this spread though since his eye smile is adorable to see and brightens up anyone’s day! However, it was nice to see the serious, more mature side of the artist as well.

Did you like Eric’s photo shoot for “The Celebrity?” Take a look at the photos below and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Media: The Celebrity

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