King of Mask Singer: Is The “Melon” Singer SS501 Idol Heo Young Saeng?

 King of Mask Singer: Is The “Melon” Singer SS501 Idol Heo Young Saeng?

On the latest episode of the hit show “King of Mask Singer,” a new group of singers participated in the first round to win the title of 37th Generation Mask King. Many fans are convinced that one particular singer is solo singer and SS501 member Heo Young Saeng.

Each new generation of singers compete in three rounds over two episodes. In the first round, the singers are divided into pairs. Each pair must sing the song, with one of the pair advancing and the other being eliminated. In the second and third rounds however, each singer performs solos.

In the latest episode, one singer really stood out for his unique voice. Dressed in a melon mask, he explained to the MC that it was a play on words for lonely, therefore his name is “It Is a Very Lonely” (Cham wei robnida means “Very Lonely,” whereas Chamwei means “Melon”).

The lonely melon singer showed off his talents as he went head to head with a female singer later revealed to be Soy. They sang the song “Perhaps Love” from the Princess Hours OST.

The masked singer advanced to the next round, but he first spoke to the celebrity panel and showed off his dancing skills by performing the choreography for EXO‘s hit song “Growl.” The celebrities all speculated on his identity, with MIB‘s Kangnam guessing that he was a senior idol from 2005-2006.

This only serves as a confirmation to some fans, who firmly believe the singer is Heo Young Saeng, saying they would recognize his unique voice and high range anywhere.

Check out his performances below and see what you think? Is the singer Heo Young Saeng?

Credit: MBC

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