NCT ‘Dream’ Maknae Unit To Debut In August

 NCT ‘Dream’ Maknae Unit To Debut In August

Are you ready for the attack of the maknaes?!

On August 19th, 2016, SM Entertainment dropped two teaser images of their newest members for NCT Dream. NCT Dream will be the 3rd unit for the group NCT (Neo Cultural Technology). The two members that have so far been introduced are Jisung and Chen Le. The concept shows a very vibrant, young, and ‘cute’ image, but we have just discovered why!

The boys of NCT Dream are going to be the maknaes (ages 14-17) of the SM Rookies! The group is rumored to have 7 members as well. This bright, cute and neon concept has not been touched yet by any NCT unit, but you should not be surprised by Lee Soo-Man‘s ability to hit every style of K-pop with his NCT boys! Their new upcoming track “Chewing Gum” will sure snatch the hearts of all the noonas out there! Please anticipate their debut on August 24th, 2016!

Check out their teaser images below!





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