Amber Films “A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Star” With Buzzfeed

 Amber Films “A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Star” With Buzzfeed

A while back, Buzzfeed did a special video about training to be a Kpop star, featuring Steven, one of their own staffers, getting a total Kpop makeover in style, music and dance. During that video, popular Kpop idol Amber of f(x) filmed a short segment giving advice on how to best become a Kpop star. As a result, she and Buzzfeed filmed together when she was in California for Kcon LA 2016.

“A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Star” features Amber talking to Steven about her every day life and some of the things she enjoys, such as Jack-In-The Box tacos and spending her free time skateboarding. They also talk about some of her struggles with gender expectations and introduce her to Jen, Buzzfeed’s resident tomboy and hot cheetos loving cutie pie (whose exact description could also be used to describe Amber).

From her view on sasaengs to the way she keeps her head in a crazy world, this Buzzfeed video shows us a glimpse into the life of one of our favorite Kpop stars and shows us exactly why fans love and respect Amber so much.

Check out the video below!


Video: Buzzfeed

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