Watch: VIXX Return As Greek Gods In New “Fantasy” MV

 Watch: VIXX Return As Greek Gods In New “Fantasy” MV

VIXX is back once again with another dark and intense comeback! The new single album, Hades, dropped on August 12th, and the MV followed on the 14th after their two-day “VIXX Live Fantasia Elysium” Concert in Seoul.

As anticipated, the MV features surreal forest imagery and several references to Greek mythology surrounding the god of death, Hades, as well as connections to their previous MV, “Dynamite,” which related to Zelos, the god of jealousy.

The dance, choreographed by Keone Madrid (who choreographed BTS‘s “Fire” and “Dope”, among other well-known K-Pop hits), is sharp and expressive, not unlike contemporary dance.

“Fantasy” can be summarized by shiver-inducing verses like “someone help,” and impressive, passionate notes towards repeating lines such as “my fantasy” and “my tragedy.” Pay special attention to the many cryptic shots that suggest an ongoing battle between N and Leo, who appear to be the two main characters of this story.

Watch the MV below and let us know what you think of this new comeback!


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