Rap Monster’s Recommendations: The Best Songs To Add To Your Playlist

 Rap Monster’s Recommendations: The Best Songs To Add To Your Playlist

For those of us who follow BTS Twitter, we know all about the hashtag #RMusic. These are songs Rap Monster, leader and rapper of BTS, has recommended to his fans. From different genres and places of origin, these recommendations allow us to get an insight into his musical taste. Want to get into the music genius of Rap Monster’s mind? Then check out the following “Rap Monster’s Recommendations: The Best Songs To Add To Your Playlist.” You can listen to each song by clicking their title and open it in a new window. The following songs on this list are my personal favorites from Rap Monster’s recommendations.

Inner- Lucia


Lucia, real name Sim Kyu Seon, is an indie South Korean pop singer who debuted in 2010. ‘Inner” is a title track song for her album “Power of Softness (Live Vol. 1)”. This song was just released on May 3rd. Her voice is sweet, but strong, which blends very well with the music that features soft piano with a strong drum and electric guitar.

Bird- Jaurim


Jaurim is a South Korean indie rock band. The members include Kim Yoon Ah– Main Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, and Songwriter, Goo Tae Hoon– Drums, Kim Jin Man– Bass Guitar, and Lee Sun Kyu– Guitar and Vocals. “새(Bird)” is the 4th track from their album “The Wonderland”. Whether you are into rock or not, this song will definitely make it into your playlist.

Rainy Apgujeong- Brown Eyes


Brown Eyes is a two member group made up of Yoon Gun and Naul. They debuted in 2001, but amidst their popularity, they disbanded in 2003. They came together for their 3rd album in 2008 and donated part of the proceeds to a Christian charity, World Vision. “비오는 압구정 (Rainy Apgujeong)” is a song about waiting for hours in the rain in Apgujeong (a district in Seoul) for his loved one, while wondering if this is the end of their relationship.

삼선동 사거리/Sungbook-gu Kids- Jeebanoff


Information is scarce on Jeebanoff. However, they are active with songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. “삼선동 사거리/Sungbook-gu Kids” is a slow song with a contemporary beat. The lyrics are about his dreams of being on the Billboard charts. The violin is a perfect touch as it adds to the music’s chill atmosphere. You can also learn a little bit more Korean as the phrase “nan meedeo” can be heard repetitively in the chorus, which means “I believe”.

Seattle- Sam Kim


Sam Kim is a Korean-American singer/songwriter who is known for being the runner up in Kpop Star Season 3. His voice is just captivating to anyone who hears it. “Seattle” is a song about his hometown before moving to Seoul. He has a lot of memories in Seattle and misses it, but wishes Seoul would open up to him as his new home.  Ashley J. Chong analyzes the song in detail in her article “Sam Kim’s ‘Seattle’ Analysis”. This song resonates with me, and anyone else, who has moved from their childhood home.

 Paul Kim- Ex


Another artist with scarce information is Paul Kim (not to be confused with Korean-American Paul Kim of American Idol). His song Ex has a feel as if you are in a dim lounge with this playing in the background. It is a very catchy song and will have us English speakers singing along to the “thinking ’bout you, hey girl” English part of the chorus.

I- Fling


According to their Facebook, Fling is a two member group. Their song “I” has a blend of Grunge and Alternative/Indie Rock. It is a type of song that grows on you the more you listen to it. I also recommend giving this song a listen as it won’t disappoint.

Do You?- Yiruma


Stepping into classical music is Yiruma‘s “Do You?”. Yiruma, real name Lee Ru Ma, is a Pianist/Composer. He moved to London at the age of 10 and went to King’s College London, which aided him in acquiring European recognition. “Do You?” is one of his classical pieces which can definitely stir emotions. You will love his gentle touch as he floats through this original piece.

I Miss You- Annyeong Bada (Bye Bye Sea)


Annyeong Bada is a South Korean indie band that debuted in 2009. Before their debut, they made cameos in Playful Kiss and I Am Legend. The members include Nam Moo– Vocals and Guitar, Woo Myung Jae– Bass, Woo Sun Jae– Guitar, and Lee Joon Hyuk– Drum . “I Miss You” is the 3rd track of their 3rd album, “Good Night”. The lyrics are about a guy who misses his girl and doesn’t want her to leave. It is a modern rock ballad that tends to draw you in.

 Won’t Explain- Lim Heo Nil


Lim Heo Nil was part of a three-member band which consisted of himself, Jung Joon Il, and Lee Hyun Jae (Shut Up Flower Boy Band). They disbanded when Heo Nil and Joon Il went to serve in the military. Eventually, they all went on to do individual activities, and Heo Nil released his solo album in 2013. In 2014, the rock-pop band came together as a duo with Heo Nil and former member, Joon Il, with the single “Baby”. “사랑이 되어가길” is a rock ballad song from Heo Nil’s solo album “사랑이 되어가길(Becoming A Love)”.

Shoulder- YDG


YDG (Yang Dong Geun) is a hip hop artist, as well as a popular actor. He debuted in 1996 as both a performer and an actor in “Three Girls And Three Guys”. After his military service, he proceeded to land star roles in multiple movies and shows like “Ruler of Your Own World ” and “I Am Sam”, as well as in other well known series and films. He also became a member of “The Return of Superman” with his daughter. Dong Geun made a comeback as an artist in 2014 with the single “Ja Ja Ja”.  YDG wrote “Shoulder” while he was in the military, about preventing suicide by using a friend’s shoulder to cry on.

Love Shine- The Black Skirts


The Black Skirts is a one man indie rock band whose name is Bryan Cho; other names include Holiday Cho or Jo Hyu Il. He is signed with HIGHGRND,  a label which was founded by Tablo of Epik High. Bryan moved to New Jersey at the age of 12 and later created a group called Castel Prayon with two other members. He later moved back to Korea to continue music. “Love Shine” is a song from his 2nd full length album “Don’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming)”. It is about a long distance relationship and saying goodbye as he travels overseas. It is said that this song was written for his girlfriend in America when leaving for Korea to advance in his music career.

Through Rap Monster’s recommendations, we see that his musical tastes has variety, from rock, to R&B and rap. Do you like his recommendations? Did you enjoy this list of our favorite songs to add to your playlist? What other songs from these artists have you heard and/or like?

Photos: BTS Twitter @BTS_twt

Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas in early Feb 2015. She finally succeeded in getting her best friend into it a year later. Hey favorite group is BTS and her bias is Rap Monster. She also listens to Jay Park and Illionaire and loves discovering new songs with her friend. When not watching Kdramas or working, she can be seen volunteering at a horse farm. Panamami loves animals and has a dog and two cats.

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