10 Awesome Kpop Dances To Learn This Summer

 10 Awesome Kpop Dances To Learn This Summer

While the sun is still beating down and summer vibes fill the air, we should take advantage of our last bit of free time before fall hits. While favorite summertime activities often include hanging out with friends, hitting the beach or maybe binge-watching dramas with ice cream in hand, it’s also a great time to learn some new moves to K-pop hits! Getting down to your favorite K-pop songs can a great addition to your workout routine or your next summer bash, so when it’s just too hot to step outside, crank up the AC inside and dance! Which K-pop dances do you want to learn this summer?

Note: All videos in this post are mirrored versions of the original dance videos to make following along easier.

Orange Caramel – “My Copycat”

Orange Caramel (a sub-unit of After School) is known for their cute and creative choreography. Be a good “copycat” and have fun following this dance!


ASTRO – “Hide & Seek”

Astro debuted in February with this energetic track that’s almost impossible to sit still while listening to it! The choreo may be tricky to get down but the ultimate goal is to have fun, right?

TWICE – “Cheer Up”

This preppy cheer-inspired dance is easy to follow and member Sana’s cute “shashasha” and accompanying hand movements will surely “cheer” you up! Haha…ha.

BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”

If you haven’t learned these iconic moves yet, now’s the time! That’s if you haven’t already picked them up watching dozens of celebrities and even policemen go hard to it themselves…

LABOUM – “Journey to Atlantis”

I may not know what this journey entails exactly, but I do know this whimsical routine is not only sweet, but super fun! Might it even spark your imagination?


B.A.P – “Feel So Good”

Another tough but fun routine, this song — if I may — feels so good, you could jam out to it however you want and still feel like a million bucks (regardless of how you look doing it)!

AOA – “Heart Attack”

Can you resist thinking about the idols who make your heart race while getting your blood pumping to this upbeat summer hit? Probably not!

BTS – “Fire”

Dance out the dog days of summer with this blazing hit! Don’t be intimidated though – this choreo is easier than it seems! Just pretend you’re stuck barefoot on hot pavement and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

CLC – “High Heels”

Twist your hips and click your heels through this boppy tune by rookie group CLC! This would be a fun one to learn with your squad.

Super Junior – “Devil”

We’re wrapping the list up with this refreshing track by the one and only SuJu! Beat the heat with these cool moves that, in my opinion, call for a frozen treat afterwards (or is that just me?).

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