Our Top Korean Summer Foods to Beat the Heat

With an average summer temperature of 27°C (84°F), summers in South Korea can feel like a time of year where you just want to leave your head in a bucket of ice all day! Although we are reaching the months of fall soon, the heat is still not going away! As such, What The Kpop has compiled a list of the best dishes to help you beat the heat while it’s still around!


팥빙수 (Patbingsu)


Patbingsu is a shaved ice dessert that is seen topped with an assortment of fruits, condensed milk, and many other foods. Traditionally it is seen with red bean paste, rice cake, and ground nut powder.


냉면 (Naengmyeon)


Naengmyeon is a noodle dish traditionally served cold. The dish consists of a cold broth, long noodles, sliced cucumbers and Korean pear. The long noodles are served and eaten without cutting it to represent a long and healthy life.


삼계탕 (Samngyetang)


This dish consists of a whole chicken, stuffed with rice and served in a hot ginseng broth. Although it is a warm dish, it is traditionally served on the hottest days of the year. It is believed to be of good health to eat it during this period in order “to fight the warmth inside with more heat”.


아이스크림 (Ice Cream)


The most popular summer staple worldwide, ice cream is something found in every convenience and food store in Korea! In Korean, there are many unique types that can be found, including, but not limited to Fish Bread Ice Cream and Melona Popsicles. Melona being one of the most common brands!

Do you have your own foods you eat to help cool down in the summer? Let us know!

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