Daeil Leaves 24K, Sungoh Still Injured as Group Prepares for August Comeback

 Daeil Leaves 24K, Sungoh Still Injured as Group Prepares for August Comeback

Boy group 24K officially released their teaser video for their new song, “Still 24K” on August 4th via Youtube, then posted the second teaser on the 7th. However, a few days prior, Choeun Ent. provided some details on members Daeil and Sungoh, who had previously been missing in several of the group’s  recent performances and public appearances.

In an announcement posted on their fancafe, Choeun Ent. stated:

“We know that the fans have had a lot of questions and it is very unfortunate to announce that Sungoh and Daeil will not be participating in this comeback.

Due to Sungoh’s unfinished treatment for his dislocated shoulder, he will not be able to take part in such schedules and activities. Daeil has decided himself that he will not be involved in 24K.”

Although not much information was given, Choeun did assure fans that two backup members would be added to the line-up to remain a seven-member-group:

“20-year-old Changsun and 19-year-old Hongseob are students majoring in dance at Gookje University; they are skilled in both singing and dancing.”

Despite the sad news, the agency hopes that “there will be a day when all will stand together on stage in the future,” further promising “more fan service and deeply moving performances on stage” as the group moves forward.

Watch the teaser videos for “Still 24K” below!

[Feature Image Cr: 24K Official Facebook]

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