Jun.K Releases Highlight Medley For New Album

 Jun.K Releases Highlight Medley For New Album

Talented 2PM member and solo artist Jun.K has released a highlight medley for his upcoming album “Mr. No ♥.”

The teaser features samples from the album’s eight tracks, including the title track “Think About You.” This is the artist’s first full-length solo album to be released in Korea. It is also his first Korean comeback since his last release in 2015.

The entire album showcases Jun.K’s songwriting skills as every track features music and lyrics by the artist himself. One of the songs was co-composed with artist San E. and features his vocals as well. Another track is a previously released song that Jun.K recorded with fellow JYP artist Baek Ah Yeon.

The album drops on August 9th.

Check out the teaser below!

Credit: JYP Entertainment

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