Top 5: The Best of B.A.P. Music Videos

 Top 5: The Best of B.A.P. Music Videos

In celebration of the upcoming comeback of B.A.P and with the influx of new members to the Baby fandom, I figure we should highlight some of the Best Absolute Perfect music videos to come out of this group. (see what I did there?)

(Authors note: This is a list of their Korean videos ONLY.)

Let’s start the countdown…..

#5 Feel So Good

The group’s most recent video is fun, catchy and colorful. featuring B.A.P causing havoc in an unsuspecting town. Truthfully, I feel this is how they would actually attempt to take over in real life as well.

It shows the boys being true to their weird selves, from hyperactive photo-booth shots to Himchan hanging Daehyun on a clothing rack! You can’t help but “feel so good” while watching this video (try not to dance along I dare you).

#4 Badman

Taking us down a slightly darker road, Badman has very strong, sociopolitical undertones. Fans of the group may be aware of the boys’ free-thinking ideology that really stands out in this video.

A far step from the bright colors of Feel So Good, this video has a very monochromatic aesthetic. Taking place in the streets of Detroit (where the video was actually filmed), it features a war-painted B.A.P fighting the opposition. It also helps that the song is A++.

#3 Rain Sound

WHERE IS HIMCHAN’S OSCAR? All of the boys really did such a great job portraying the emotions of this song. Personally, I am not one for slower, more emotional songs. However, this video really draws you in with the plot and filming. Its not like a lot of ballad songs where everyone is just sitting around crying (although yes…. there is crying in this one too). However, you see them go through the grieving process and can really feel it along with them.

#2 One Shot

OK, I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS ONE. Ask any Baby about One Shot… do it. The general response is usually flipping a table.

Despite the biggest plot twist ever…. this is seriously a well-made MV. The dance is on point, the outfits are amazing, and there is a legit plot! Although it is slightly comical if you dig deeper into it (like why do the bad guys use a flash drive?), this could seriously be a movie. #oneshotbestpicture2016

Before I get to our winner, I would like to throw out an honorable mention!

1004 (Angel) : I HIGHLY recommend this one to watch! It could have been on the list for sure because it’s another video with a legit plot. However, the reason it didn’t make it onto our list was the fact that the plot can be a little difficult to follow. You HAVE to read into the subliminal messages to understand what is happening or you will be 100% lost.

And finally..

#1 Warrior

Did you really not see this coming?

Best debut video ever! It’s strong, it’s powerful, and it was one of the best introduction to a rookie group ever! You have a Bunny DJ, an all blonde group (ok, the all-blonde theme was a questionable decision) and an amazing dance! To this day, it’s still one of the hardest dances to try to cover.

So, that’s it for our list of Top 5: The Best of B.A.P Music Videos! What is your favorite B.A.P music video? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Were you attacked by One Shot as well? Let us know in the comment section below!


Kay is a writer for WTK and is fully convinced she hails from planet Mato. Breaking from her obsession with alien bunnies, she also enjoys the soothing sounds of Vixx in all their creepy glory. When not planning her not-at-all hostile take over of TS Entertainment, she is probably fan-girling with her sister or studying for graduate school.

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