NCT Releases Teaser Image Hinting At Comeback

 NCT Releases Teaser Image Hinting At Comeback

NCT released a teaser image today hinting at a comeback.

The picture left some fans puzzled as they tried to figure out the meaning. It shows a large image of the globe with different lines and arrows, with the country of South Korea highlighted in red.

While some fans think this means that NCT U will be making a comeback, others wonder if this signals the formation of yet another sub-unit of the large group.

NCT stands for neo-culture technology and is an experiment group from SMTOWN meant to reach diverse audiences of different cultures and languages. Members were recruited from all over the world and come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. It’s been stated that the purpose of NCT is to have the large group of trainees split into sub-units that will focus on different areas of the world. One group will focus on activities in Korea for example, while another group may focus on reaching the audience in the USA.

What do you think? Does this teaser signal the comeback of NCT U? Or does it just mean that another sub-unit will finally be revealed? Stay tuned for more details!


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