Stills Released of Lee Jong Suk in Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama “W”

 Stills Released of Lee Jong Suk in Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama “W”

New stills have been released of famous actor Lee Jong Suk shooting a pistol on the set of the upcoming drama “W.”

The stills are from the scene where his character “Kang Chul” is competing at the Olympics, showing off the incredible skills that have earned him the title of genius when it comes to shooting. Due to his results during the competition, his good looks and fan service, he soon shoots to stardom as few other athletes have done.

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In the meantime, co-star Han Hyo Joo plays the role of “Yeon Joo,” an up and coming cardiothoracic surgeon in her second year of residency. Things suddenly take a sharp turn though, from a typical romantic, melodrama into a Sci-Fi mystery full of intrigue!

Yeon Joo’s father, a famous author, suddenly disappears without a trace. Before the young doctor can even figure out what’s going on, a mysterious man covered in blood comes to kidnap her and take her to an alternate dimension.

As Kang Chul continues his own life, he finds his world becoming mixed up with the alternate dimension where Yeon Joo is located. It soon becomes apparent that he is the only one who can rescue her from this bizarre situation.

The drama will begin airing on July 20th on MBC. Who will be watching these two actors make their long-awaited comeback in this futuristic drama? It sounds like a very interesting story-line!

Check out the trailer here!

Pictures: Naver

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