Jellyfish Entertainment’s First Girl Group to Debut in June

 Jellyfish Entertainment’s First Girl Group to Debut in June

Jellyfish Entertainment‘s first girl group will debut at the end of this month and will include two members from I.O.I!

I.O.I is a special group was formed for temporary promotions through the 2016 variety show “Produce 101.” The survival show started with 101 trainees from various labels. As the show progressed, viewers cast their votes to decide on the members, concept, debut song and more. Following their debut in May, the group ended their album promotions with their Dream Concert performance on June 4th.  Most of the members will now be pursuing unit or solo promotions within their own labels.

For Jellyfish Entertainment, that means their trainees Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina will return to the label just in time for the debut of their first girl group. Before joining her label, Kim Sejeong was also a contestant on K-pop Star 2.

The company is home to several recording artists but has only one idol group so far- the extremely popular performance group VIXX. The debut of the label’s first girl group is an important step for the company and one that is anticipated by many fans.

Although the label hasn’t released the information of the group’s other members or their exact debut day, the company stated that the girls have trained together for many years and are looking forward to achieving their dream soon.

Stay tuned for more information!

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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