Running Man: Name Tag Elimination is Back & TWICE is Returning Soon

 Running Man: Name Tag Elimination is Back & TWICE is Returning Soon

Running Man‘s PD has confirmed that TWICE will return to the show again soon. The episode will feature all the members, who will appear for the entire hour.

Running Man has always been famous for having a lot of special guests every week, but in the past few months, special appearances by guests have been few and far between. When a guest does get invited to the show, their appearance is usually for a special corner or a single game. Even major stars like Park Bo Gum were only invited for very brief appearances, much to the disappointment of fans.

The new PD for Running Man is trying to keep things fresh and bring back some spark into the show after 6 years of being on the air. However, many people haven’t been happy with the recent episodes and have complained that the show is changing format too much. Once billed at the first “outdoor variety” show in Korea, many of the episodes have recently been filmed inside on set. However, it appears that the PD and team have taken the viewers’ opinions into consideration, because the past few episodes have shown a return to more typical Running Man episodes. They even included the famous name tag elimination after a long break from featuring the game.

The fact that they are also planning a “TWICE Special” shows that will most likely be returning to the format where guests are usually an important part of the show each week.

Did you watch this week’s episode? Are you excited for the special featuring TWICE?

Media: SBS

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