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13 Times Super Junior’s Sungmin Proved He Was The Most Adorable Person On The Planet

For those who have been around the K-pop community for a while now, you will remember the days when one particular idol seemed to be the absolute cutest of them all! That’s right, we’re talking about Super Junior‘s Sungmin and how the entire nation of Korea just couldn’t get enough of his adorable looks and natural aegyo.

Although the Super Junior member is currently on hiatus from group activities right now, fans can still see plenty of him on his YouTube channel where he uploads all kinds of videos from “Get Ready With Me” clips to vlogs about snorkeling.

As much as we love these adorable new videos, however, there are still so many classic moments from Sungmin’s history that we just never seem to get enough of. As such, join us below as we count off 13 Times Super Junior’s Sungmin Proved He Was The Most Adorable Person On The Planet!

1) When He Got Tucked Into Bed By Leeteuk

Oh Super Junior, you variety kings. Even from your early days, you knew exactly how to entertain viewers! One of our favorite Sungmin moments was when Leeteuk put him to bed, tucking him in, and even giving him a goodnight kiss. Our favorite part? Sungmin’s adorable baby face as he listened seriously to instructions from leader Teukie.

2) When He Got Embarrassed By A Little Girl’s Dating Advice

One of fans’ favorite moments came when several of the Super Junior members appeared on this show with kids. In a segment where they could get advice from the young people, Sungmin wondered why he just didn’t seem to have luck dating. When one little girl found he wore a pink nightdress to sleep in, she gave him some sound advice… wear boxers! Sungmin’s giggles of embarrassment were just too cute for words.

3) When He Did His Noona-Killer Aegyo

We lost count of how many times Sungmin did aegyo on national TV, but one of our favorite moments was when he slayed all the ladies on set as he went head-to-head against Eunhyuk in an aegyo battle. Wriggling, cute, and with a soft, baby voice, his cry of “noonaaa!” melted the hosts.

4) When He Got Super Into His HyunA Performance

Sungmin isn’t all about aegyo— he is also a gifted singer, dancer, and performer. Above all though, he is an entertainer! Whenever he is onstage, he always gives 100%. Even when having to cosplay the sexy HyunA during their SS5 tour, Sungmin never grew embarrassed as he did his best to put a smile on fans’ faces. It was super adorable to see how much he got into the performance and was proud of his sexy stage!

5) When He Got The Nervous Giggles Staring Into Kangin’s Eyes

As a long time fan of Super Junior myself, this is still one of the classic variety show moments that sticks out in my mind. When you take a shy, young Sungmin and make him get up close and personal with the masculine, bold Kangin, there was bound to be hilarity. The entire clip is gold, but when Sungmin kept dissolving into nervous giggles, we chalked it up to one of his cutest moments ever!

6) When He Got Scared During Leeteuk’s Driving Lesson

Sungmin wasn’t the main person in this video, but he was definitely the person who stole the scene! As Kangin gives the uneasy Leeteuk a driving lesson, Sungmin sits alone and terrified in the backseat. Don’t let the two up front distract you— Sungmin’s genuinely panicked behavior in the back is what gave an even greater comedic sense to this classic variety show appearance. Our favorite part? When his head pops out of the window as he nervously tries to buff a scratch out of the car Leeteuk bumped into.

7) When He Literally Acted Like A Baby

What’s more adorable than a cute, young baby who is learning to crawl and walk around? Nothing much else can hold a candle to this sweet scene, unless it’s Sungmin himself trying to reenact it. Despite the baby behavior, he still managed to finish it all off with an idol-worthy pose!

8) When He Danced To The “Three Bears” Song

We mentioned Sungmin’s natural aegyo already, but no list would be complete without talking about his cute aegyo while singing. From the “Gwiyomi” song (those adorable kisses on his tiny fingers!) to this funny stage of the “Three Bears” song, Sungmin was dedicated to making each performance as cute as possible.

9) When He Mixed Martial Arts With A Girl Group Dance

Newer fans to K-pop definitely miss out as today’s variety shows don’t give as many opportunities for different groups and artists to interact. Back in the day, however, fans were treated to great shows and scenes where the biggest names in K-pop came together. One of the cutest times that sticks out in our minds is when Sungmin was with the Wonder Girls and showed off his aegyo-filled dance to the group’s song “So Hot” while mixing in martial arts moves.

10) When He Got Tricked Into Eating A Hot Pepper By A Kid

Every time Sungmin interacts with kids, you are guaranteed an adorable variety show moment! But this particular scene was extra hilarious due to a cheeky kid who managed to trick him into eating a spicy pepper. The naivety and innocence of Sungmin during this moment was too adorable. (The original clip has been removed, but you can still watch it at minute 3:49 in the compilation video below).

11) When He Interviewed Himself

What’s better than one Sungmin? Why, two of course! In a super adorable clip for “KBS World Magazine K-RUSH,” Sungmin used a split screen in order to interview himself. The “host” was dressed in all-white and the “performer” was dressed in black, but what made the moment so cute was how he was able to keep a straight face during the entire interview. The ability to be silly and still confident is just one of the many adorable things we love about Sungmin.

12) When He Gives His All On The Stage

Sungmin is such an incredibly talented individual who deserves the chance for his talent to shine on all kinds of stages for the world to see! Whether it’s performing in concerts, starring in musicals, or giving a live performance on TV, every time he takes to the stage is an opportunity to shine! One of the moments that truly embodies his professionalism, musicality, and attitude is when he performed on traditional Korean drums during his solo stage for the group’s SS6 tour.

13) When He Is With His Members

When you care about someone, you tend to find all their actions, gestures, and words adorable. But perhaps the sweetest and cutest thing possible is when you see the person you care about able to do what they truly enjoy. Whenever Sungmin is with his members, his smiles never cease to shine! From casual times at group dinners to just hamming it up with the boys, Sungmin is the absolute cutest when we see him doing what he loves with the people he loves too. As such, that’s why one of our favorite moments is seeing Sungmin and Super Junior “let their hair down” in this hilarious rendition of SNSD’s “Gee.”

With one moment listed for the 13 original members of the group (every fan’s OTP), as well as the 13 years of Super Junior’s career, we hope you enjoyed our special selection of cute and adorable moments from this talented and lovable Super Junior member!

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You can also click here to visit Sungmin’s YouTube channel, known as LIU Studio, and support his activity there!

Although we don’t know when we will see Sungmin reunite with his members onstage, we hope that our list brings a smile to your face as you remember these adorable Sungmin moments!

Which moment was your favorite? What other moments should we add to the list? Let us know your thoughts!

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