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10 Korean Songs You Should Have Listened To In 2020 (But Probably Didn’t)

2020 was an incredible year for K-pop, with big names getting bigger and smaller artists gaining recognition on the global stage as well. However, 2020 also produced some hidden gems that might have gone under your radar. Here are 10 Korean songs that you should have listened to in 2020 (but probably didn’t)!

Mokyo (모쿄) – “울음 (uleum)”

This lo-fi mellow track flows like poetry. Coupled with Mokyo‘s deep voice and a rugged home-style music video, this song is perfect for a cold winter’s night. Mokyo wrote this song from an intimately personal perspective which only adds to the identifiability of this track.

Lovelyz – “Obliviate”

In the midst of the girl crush or retro concepts which were popular among idol groups in 2020, Lovelyz brought to us a magically dark concept which definitely deserved much more attention than it actually received.

Pentagon – “Dr. BeBe”

Pentagon had a host of incredible releases this year. However, the one that might have gone under your radar was “Dr. Bebe.” Completely self-composed for one, “Dr. Bebe” is easily one of Pentagon’s best songs!


Not only is GWSN criminally underrated, but their latest comeback was also one of the best comebacks of 2020. “Bazooka!” in particular is a French house, new disco track which is a refreshing step away from their usual sound. However, it also retaines their signature style. If you were previously unaware of this group, this song will definitely make you stan.

Lucy – “Jogging”

Lucy is an emerging star in the K-Band world and their debut album completely establishes their supremacy in the genre. What is most impressive is that their member composition includes a violinist who completely subverts usual expectations from bands sonically and reinvents the norm.

If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, “Jogging” is the song that will get you right into the groove.


WOODZ has an extremely dedicated fanbase who recognizes his musical genius. However, many in the general public might not be aware of him yet. As such, they’re missing out on the incredible music that he makes. “BUMP BUMP” was a highly-anticipated release, but it did not gain much mainstream traction which is why we highly recommend it!

Weki Meki – “COOL”

The intensity, power, and coolness (pun intended) of this track is simply extraordinary, and it is definitely something that hasn’t been done by girl groups before. Weki Meki has consistently delivered some of the most innovative, yet characteristic songs! As such, they deserve a lot more love!

GIANT PINK – “Burn Out”

Perhaps due to a lack of good promotion, Giant Pink‘s release “Burn Out” missed the spotlight that it rightfully deserved. The music video is energetic, but it’s not over the top. It’s intense, but it’s not in your face. Her rap is, of course, inimitable. “Burn Out” is also the song that introduced her to a lot of new fans— but nearly not enough!

ELO (엘로) – “Cupcake (feat. punchnello)”

Another song that we absolutely loved that did not receive nearly enough attention was Elo and punchnello‘s collaboration, “Cupcake.” Everything about this song— from the lyrics to the adorable music video and the perfect balance of rap and vocals— is the sweetest combination possible.

Jooyoung – “Love Distance” (feat. Heize)

This ethereally slow and soft song is beautiful beyond measure. There’s no overdone cinematography, but rather, it’s a dreamy, simple expression of the ebb and flow of a relationship. It must be for this reason that the song is something a large number of people can relate to. Yet, it did not receive enough attention at the time of its release. So, we’re bringing it back until it does!

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