BIGBANG’s Daesung Set To Enlist In The Military This Month

BIGBANG‘s main vocalist Daesung (28) will officially be starting his military service on March 13th.

Following the recent announcement of fellow member Taeyang‘s enlistment date, it has been revealed that Daesung will soon be leaving as well. Taeyang is set to begin his service on March 12th. Meanwhile, G-Dragon left only recently on February 27th. This will put three of the five BIGBANG members will have started their service less than a month apart.

Fellow member T.O.P began his service in January of 2017 but was pulled from it due to drug charges. The situation became an incredibly dramatic event involving a YG Entertainment trainee, T.O.P’s military expectations, his mental and physical health, and various court proceedings. Recently, however, T.O.P was finally able to continue his military service following the end of the court proceedings and is now fulfilling volunteer work.

Out of the group, T.O.P, Taeyang, and G-Dragon were sent the notice of their military draft leaving only Daesung and Seungri who still have some time before they must fulfill their service. However, Daesung mentioned in the past his intent to enlist at the same time as the other members. Therefore, following the announcement of the recently married Taeyang’s enlistment date, Daesung proceeded to voluntarily enlist early. As a result, he will enlist the day after Taeyang.

Seungri, the youngest and final member of BIGBANG, is also planning to leave quite soon as well. A YG Entertainment representative spoke on Seungri’sbehalft, explaining that he had full intentions to enlist at the same time, but due to entertainment promotions, he is unable to do so. Seungri recently starred in the a new Chinese film titled “Love Only,” a project currently being promoted. On top of that, the singer has been busy preparing and producing his new solo album which will likely be released soon. Quickly following the end of these promotions, however, Seungri will also be enlisting.

Many fans have shown their excitement that the BIGBANG members have all enlisted around the same time since it means they will all return to the entertainment scene around the same time as well. Daesung’s exact enlistment location has not yet been revealed nor has it been announced if he will hold greet fans before entering, but more details are expected to be announced soon.

We wish much luck to Daesung, as well as the other BIGBANG members in all their future endeavors and hard-work in the military.

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Media: YG Entertainment

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