NCT U Drops Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From MV Shoot In Ukraine

NCT U has released a set of behind-the-scenes pictures from their MV shoot in Ukraine!

The talented group recently made their comeback with the track “Boss,” a fierce song which shows off the group’s vocals, as well as their amazing dance skills. The MV for the single was filmed in Ukraine, giving off a unique vibe as it was filmed in and outside many post-Cold War buildings of the Eastern European nation.

The video quickly racked up over 10 million views, prompting the group to release their dance practice video as a thank you to fans. In addition, they have also released behind-the-scenes pictures of their music video shoot. The pictures show the guys both during filming and in candid moments together.

Check out the pictures below! If you haven’t watched the dance practice video, you can also view it by clicking here.


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