Former DAY6 Member Lim Jun Hyeok Wants You To ”Stay” In First Solo Track

Lim Jun Hyeok, former DAY6 member and “The Unit’’ contestant, has released his first solo single track, “Stay’’!

“Stay’’ is the lead track off his first single album as a solo artist and was composed by the singer himself. The song’s bittersweet lyrics tell of couple who is still longing for each other after their painful breakup. In the MV, the couple still can’t get over each other as they hang on to their past. In fact, they want to get back together and let their relationship be what it was before.

The solo track showcases Jun Hyeok’s beautiful vocals as he puts his passion for music into the song. His voice harmoniously blends the upbeat song, adding a bright and vibrant rhythm perfect for your playlist. The chorus of the song is very addictive as well and will linger in your mind.

Lim Jun Hyeok is a former member of the JYP Entertainment band known as DAY6. He departed from the group in 2016 and entered the popular idol rebooting show “The Unit’’ as a contestant. He will be holding his first solo fan meeting this coming March.

Check out the music video below! What do you think?

ging1030 is a multi-fandom fan of Kpop since 2010. She enjoys watching Asian dramas and variety shows like “Running Man”. She is an avid fan of Song triplets and Song Joong Ki.  For her, Kdrama is life. They are her inspirations in life so she can live on and do what her heart desires!

Media: Interpark Music

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