SEVENTEEN To Make Official Japanese Debut

 SEVENTEEN To Make Official Japanese Debut

On February 22nd, SEVENTEEN held their “2018 Japan Arena Tour SVT” in Yokohama, Japan, where an estimated 15,000 fans showed up to watch the boy group. After wrapping up their final performance of the night, the group appeared in front of audience again and said, “Will you follow along with our dream? SEVENTEEN is debuting in Japan.”

The crowd erupted upon hearing the unexpected and exciting news.

Leader S.Coups said, “While holding concerts in Japan, we hoped to debut here someday. It was all possible thanks to our dear fans. Please be with us always.”

A representative of the group said, “SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular groups in Japan and fans waited a long time for their Japanese debut. We look forward to SEVENTEEN’s 1st Japanese album.”

SEVENTEEN continues their Japanese tour, stopping in Osaka on February 27-28th then onto Nagoya on March 6-7th. Their first Japanese album drops on May 30th.

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