Korea’s Pride Yun Sung Bin Wins Gold In Men’s Skeleton At 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

As Korea is celebrating their Lunar New Year today, another celebration marks the history of Korea – Yun Sung Bin won the gold medal in Men’s Skeleton at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

Yun, who finished the race in a flash of 1.63 seconds, set a track record beating Nikita Tregubov of Russia (second place) and Dom Parsons of Great Britain (third place). Yun was the fastest and took the lead in each of four runs in his home track.

Yun became the first athlete from Asia who won an Olympic medal in a sliding sport and in skeleton.

Yun amazed the crowd for finishing the line at over 125 kilometer per hour. He took off his Iron man-inspired style helmet and gave a deep bow.

He thanked his supporters and his team for giving him encouragement. He proudly added that winning a gold medal in any Olympic sport is a great achievement but winning gold in his home country is a very great honor.

Congratulations Yun Sung Bin! We are proud of you!

Watch Yun Sung Bin’s performance now below!

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Media: SBS, Reuters

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