Watch: Roy Kim Can’t Move On In Emotional “Only Then” MV

Roy Kim has made his comeback!

On February 12th at 6 p.m. KST, Roy Kim dropped the MV for his newest single, “Only Then.”

“Only Then’’ is a sad, deep, emotional pop ballad which the singer wrote himself. In the music video, Roy Kim expresses the feelings and emotions of a man who still cannot get over his love for someone.  In the music video, he is longing for someone he loves and missing a piece of his heart as he struggle to move on.  He is still holding on to the memory of the person he dearly loves and cannot bring himself to move on.

Upon its release, the song immediately started trending high on Korean music charts, proving the popularity of the talented singer-songwriter.

Check out the music video below, then let us know what you think!

ging1030 is a multi-fandom fan of Kpop since 2010. She enjoys watching Asian dramas and variety shows like “Running Man”. She is an avid fan of Song triplets and Song Joong Ki.  For her, Kdrama is life. They are her inspirations in life so she can live on and do what her heart desires!

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