TIME Magazine Cites BTS, EXO, TWICE & More As “K-Pop Groups You Should Know About”

TIME Magazine has chosen some of our favorite acts as “K-Pop Groups You Should Know About”!

On February 9th, the publication decided to highlight six different Kpop groups as a part of their 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics coverage. The artists that made it onto the list not only have some of the largest fanbases at the moment, but according to TIME, have “plenty of potential to cross over into the U.S. Hot 100 in the near future, if they’re not already there.”

First on the list was BTS, who was selected based on their undeniably strong international following on social media. TIME also gave kudos to the group for the success of their latest album release, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard music charts – something they described as “a major feat for K-Pop.”

Next up, TWICE was mentioned as a girl group destined to “follow in the footsteps of fellow nine-member crew Girls’ Generation, one of the most successful K-Pop acts ever.”

SMTOWN artists EXO and Red Velvet followed respectively. EXO was praised as musical chameleons of sorts, their ability to take on hip-hop, EDM, and other genres effortlessly being called a move that is “certainly working.” As for Red Velvet, TIME Magazine complimented their handle on R&B, something that they feel deviates the group from other active girl groups on the K-Pop scene.

Rounding out the list was iKON and Seventeen, who were specifically praised for their respective latest releases, “Love Scenario” and “Thanks.”

For the full list, fans can check out the original article on TIME’s official website.

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