“The Unit” Reveals Final Lineup For Unit B And Unit G

“The Unit” has finally ended and announced the final lineup for Unit B and Unit G.

On February 10th, the popular show came to an end. For the finale, the top nine members were revealed for both the boy unit and the girl unit.

The final lineup surprised many fans with top-ranking favorites dropping suddenly while others rose up to be included in the final nine members.

Check out the final lineup for both Units below!

Unit G

Euijin (SONAMOO)
Yebin (DIA)
Lee Hyun Joo (APRIL)
Yang Jiwon (SPICA)
Woohee (Dal Shabet)
Lee Suji

Unit B

Jun (U-KISS)
Euijin (BIGFLO)
Hojung (HOTSHOT)
Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
Marco (H.B.Y)
Ji Hansol (Newkidd)
Daewon (MADTOWN)
Kijoong (IM)
Chan (A.C.E)

Congratulations to all the members of both Units! We look forward to seeing their group debut! Were you surprised at any of the final rankings? Let us know your thoughts below.

Media: The Unit Official

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  1. Semmi :((((((((((((

  2. Yes i was so sad about semmi and euna 🙁 they should have made it

  3. Timoteo whYYYYY


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