HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob Reveals Track List For Solo Album

UPDATED: Yoseob has now released the track list for his upcoming album! The album includes a total of eight tracks, most of which were co-composed and co-written by Yoseob himself. Check it out below!

UPDATED: HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoseob has released a short teaser video for his solo comeback! The video is shown as a “moving poster” and gives a glimpse of the singer enduring the cold, winter weather as he gazes out a window.

Watch it below! What do you think of this concept?

UDPATED: More teaser images have been released for Yoseob‘s comeback! Check them out below. Which image is your favorite?

UPDATED: Check out the beautiful new teaser images for Yoseob‘s upcoming solo comeback! What do you think?

ORIGINAL: HIGHLIGHT‘s Yang Yoseob is gearing up for his solo comeback!

After confirming that he would be making his long-awaited comeback in February, the singer has now released his first official teasers for the new release. A teaser schedule was revealed that features a black-and-white image of Yoseob walking away from the camera. Yoseob also dropped a prequel film entitled “His Log: The Beginning.”

From the teasers and information released on Around Us Entertainment‘s social media accounts, it appears that Yoseob’s album will be entitled 白, a character that usually means “white” or “clear” in Chinese.

This mini-album will mark Yoseob’s second one to be released after making his official solo debut in 2012. The album and MV are set to drop on February 19th at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser video below, then stay tuned for the additional teasers coming out soon as shown in his comeback schedule.

Who’s excited?

Media: Around Us Entertainment

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