WATCH: Red Velvet Takes A “Bad Boy” Down In Comeback MV

Red Velvet is back with their new song and MV!

On January 29th, the popular SMTOWN group made their comeback with a repackage album, The Perfect Red Velvet. The lead track of the album, entitled “Bad Boy,” talks about a girl going after a typical bad boy who is seemingly unaffected by most ladies. However, the lyrics show that the confidence girl knows she will win him over in the end in what she sees as a fun game of push and pull.

“Bad Boy” is a trendy pop song with a deep bass and heavy synthesizer sounds that will grow on fans with every new listen. The MV itself starts off with the members looking like average, bored girls before transforming into confident women who entertain themselves by bringing bad boys down.

Immediately upon its release, the song and album started trending on charts, staying at high positions on Korean charts and taking the number one spot on iTunes charts around the globe.

Check out the MV below, then let us know what you think!


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