GOT7’s JB Gifts Fans With Six New Tracks On SoundCloud

Just as he did last January, GOT7‘s leader JB dropped a SoundCloud mixtape out of the blue, under his Paradise Crew name Def Soul.

Def”s new songs are a continuation to his first mixtape. They include features from fellow Paradise Crew members jeebanoff and JOMALXNE, who was also featured on Def’s last mixtape. The new music is titled “vol. 2,” indicating there’s more to come in the future as he listed it as “1/? vol.2”.

As with his last mixtape, this one is heavily R&B and depicts relationship hardships. With lyrics like “Don’t look for me……even if you miss me” and “What are [we] going to do now, are you playing with me,” it’s evident a lot of emotion went into the songs, whether fictional or personal.

Listen to all the songs here, and tell us what you think!

LizzySKpop is a WTK writer who loves discovering new music, attending and working concerts, as well as trying Korean beauty products. She enjoys the music of GOT7, MONSTA X, BTS, BIGBANG, EXO, and many more. Although she is pretty new to the Kpop world, she is already a hardcore fan and finds more groups every day to love. As well as being a writer and photographer, she also DJ’s Monday Nights at 8pm on She is proud aunt that has spread the love of Kpop to her nieces as well.

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