VAV Hypes Comeback With New Teaser Images

VAV (Very Awesome Voice) continues the countdown of their comeback with brand new images!

VAV is set to drop their third mini-album, entitled Spotlight, on January 29th at 12 p.m. KST. In the released teaser photos, the memebrs— St. Van, Ayno, Ace, Ba Ron, Lou, Ziu, and Jacob— are dressed in black-and-white outfits as they pose.

The theme behind the photographs and their album is light as expressed in three different ways: flash, spotlight, and neon light. To portray this concept, the teaser images have varying portrayals of light, such as the latest video teaser with Ba Ron.

VAV is also collaborating with the fashion magazine High Cut on their comeback.

Check out the images below, as well as the moving teaser! What do you think?

KyeongJun is a writer for WTK, where he gushes about his love for Korean rock music (You guys need to listen to Jaurim). When not writing, he’s at the gym listening to the newest K-Rock bands. You can also catch him on WTK Radio where he hosts a show every Thursday night at 10 p.m. EST.

Media: VAV Official

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